Games and miscelaneous tools from 2MB Games (https://2mb.games)

~lilmike/horseshoes git

2MB Solutions horseshoes audiogame

~lilmike/game-kit git

2MB Solutions game kit: audiogame creation utilities in c++

~lilmike/game-engine git

2mb game engine with lua

~lilmike/haunted-house git

Main game and launcher for 2MB set of halloween games.

~lilmike/halloween-scramble git

Halloween scramble, a game for haunted house.

~lilmike/anarchymud git

Sourcecode of Anarchy MUD, originally based off of Crimson2d

~lilmike/mineracer git

A highly Addicting Audiogame Written in c++

~lilmike/bottleblaster git

Addicting shooting games from 2MB

~lilmike/bobbing-for-apples git

bobbing for apples: a game from haunted house

~lilmike/darts-game git

Darts for haunted house

~lilmike/escape-the-celler git

escape the celler, a game for haunted house

~lilmike/pumpkin-run git

Pumpkin run: A game for haunted house collection

~lilmike/skeletal-bard git

Skeletal bard: a game for haunted house

~lilmike/the-witches-golem git

the witches golem: a game for haunted house